Quality policy

The desire of the ATI company is to constantly advance and innovate the solutions offered to customers around the world. The teams make every effort to provide clients with the best possible services.

The satisfaction of customers and their companions is our main goal.

To the extent possible, satisfy the needs and/or wishes of its customers in terms of quality of service, quality of finishing of the equipment, general appearance, choice of colors in harmony with the host site, installation of the installations according to the constraints imposed by the customer’s operation…

– Meet customer’s plant operating authorization requirements

– Establish transparency and client tools to provide accurate and concrete answers to their interrogations and possible interrogations of residents.

– Communicate with our customers at all times with a real and understandable exchange, converting their expectations into clear internal requirements, allowing everyone to unambiguously define the tasks to be carried out,

– Conduct satisfaction surveys and quality meetings that will enable the company to offer the best solutions and services to customers.

This action plan naturally led us to establish an internal quality assurance plan based on ISO 9001 standards.

It is based on the principle of continuous improvement of the environmental performance and the control of the impacts of our activities and on the best satisfaction of our customers.

We are pursuing a dual commitment to continuous progress and regulatory compliance.

Ati Industries is ISO 9001 certified and continues to improve and improve its processes to best meet customer and environmental requirements.